Sherlock Spoilers The empty hearse

Is it worth watching Sherlock season 3 without being bored? dissapointed?


from all these new „installed“ emotions?
all these fangilring dudes will be happy with all this OMG! HEARTBREAKING!
tumblr, ovaries explode, gifs, *SCREAM*


what about the new  „installed“ funny sitcom thing for us as solution of not being bored?
for the ones who like clichéd and obsolete jokes *have fun*

and the others? 


So what can we do?


and watch Sherlock with Jeremy Brett, Basil or Season 1+2  😀 


Chloe (
saw it yesterday, and is so kind and answer question trying not to be spoilery, here is a summary of the question she answered so far
(I LOVE HER for that!) MANY THANKS!) 
The empty hearse is:
all focused on the reveal, and then the terrorist subject matter.
There’s kissing, a bit of physical violence (for Sherlock) , the threat of death and the terrorist attack subject matter
new villain in this episode: scary
Moran, and he does appear, and of course he’s gonna play a big part.
the whole terrorist thing and it’s definitely more threatening and realistic almost. It’s a lot bigger than something Sherlock has ever dealt with before.
How he faked his dead:
the explanation to Sherlock’s faked death wasn’t the biggest surprise in the entire world and it’s still a little ambiguous.
we find out why the little girl screamed at Sherlock in TRF
!one of the theory being written is right!
Sherlock himself:
Flashbacks: there’s a Sherlock one (what he did during the years)
Sherlock has developed a lot more positive human traits
Sherlock, Mycroft and their family:
Mycroft appears more than previous episodes, other family memembers appear, too! (Mum&Dad?)
the reunion 100% in fact inside of the restaurant
John: You’ve missed this, haven’t you?
Sherlock: Missed what?
John: Being Sherlock Holmes. Being the hero.
the Sherlock/Molly friendship has developed
Sherlock’s stopped being an idiot to her after all
Sherlock saying she deserves happiness, and that not everyone she falls for will be a sociopath)
it’s very evident with Molly that he is more “human” now
Molly: Maybe it’s just my type!
John: You’ve been the best thing that’s happened to me.
Mary: I know.
John: You know what?
Mary: That I’m the best thing that’s happened to you.
So it is quite clear who took Sherlocks part as he was not there 😀
The others?
no donovan,  no Irene Adler
much more Anderson not a lot lestrad compared to anderson,
Sherlock: (about John’s moustache) It’s not a joke then? You’re keeping it?
John: I like it. Mary likes it.
Sherlock: No she doesn’t.
John looks to Mary who smiles and shrugs.
Mary: I didn’t wanna say anything.